10 Essential Oils Benefits For Thyroid Cure

Essential oils are extracted from herbs, and they are the best remedies for several problems...

Essential oils are extracted from herbs, and they are the best remedies for several problems. The best way to use these essential oils is Topical Usage (on the problem area) and Diffused Usage (generic use). Both these methods have the tendency to calm your nerves and disinfect diseases. Listed below are 10 best essential oils for thyroid cure.


Peppermint oil alleviates depression, headaches, brain fog, and digestive problems. It is also considered to be the easiest essential oils which can be incorporated in your daily diet. Just add a little drop of it to a hot glass of water with lemon juice, and this will help you sleep easily.


Lavender helps get rid of anxiety problems, stress, insomnia, and hair loss. Just rub a little drop of the oil on your pillow or massage your scalp with a shampoo or add a few drops to your night bath for a relaxed sleep.


Lemongrass helps reduce headaches, digestive problems and inflammation caused by underactive thyroid. It can be easily used as cooking oil, or you can simply apply it on your skin or add a drop of it in your tea.

Clove Oil

Clove oil contains antioxidants and phenols, this improves the cell communication and overall health of your body. Just massage your neck with a drop of clove oil or massage it with jojoba oil on the bottom of your feet.

Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil helps relieve the stress and inflammation associated with underactive thyroid. Just take a few drops and massage your feet with it.


Copaiba helps treat inflammation associated with thyroid problems. With Caryophyllene, it strengthens the body’s reaction to irritation. Rub it on sore tendons or take in the form of a capsule.


Rosemary is used to relieve symptoms of underactive thyroid, stress, digestive problems, hair loss, joint pain, and inflammation. Just apply it on your body every day.


Sage oil reduces the cortisol levels and helps improve the cognitive function. It improves digestion and hair loss when used regularly.


Anise oil helps reduce all problems associated with low thyroid function. Use it daily as a diffuser.


Liquorice oil helps fight stress-related problems. Just keep the liquorice root in boiling water for a few minutes before straining and drinking.

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