Expecting Mothers

Being a working woman amounts to handling multiple responsibilities apart from work...

Being a working woman amounts to handling multiple responsibilities apart from work. However, these responsibilities double when you are an expecting woman. Coupled with different health symptoms, your susceptibility to feel puzzled by the tiniest issues increases and sometimes these are too difficult to control.


Here are some tips to keep you healthy and relaxed as you work in the tedious time of pregnancy.


Have a sufficient stock of nutritious food. Make sure you carry a box of fruits, some tit bits to nibble on, and smoothies and juices to keep you hydrated throughout the day. You feel hungrier at such times and it’s always best to stick to food that will help you have physical and mental wellness.


You can do everything but remember to relax. Some people want to keep taking responsibilities despite their delicate condition. Try pacing out your schedules and take only as much as you can. Walk around the office by taking small breaks every 2 hours. This will prevent back aches, leg pain and other hurtful cramps that may arise due to long working hours.


Feeling nauseous during the crucial months of pregnancy can be quite a pain. It is best to sit close to the door for meetings and closer to the bathroom. This allows you to leave for the washroom immediately. Refrain from inhaling aromas that can lead to more nausea. Carry a few ginger tea bags as they help reduce the dizzy feeling.


Make sure you stay hygienic by carrying your own kit of clothing, paper towels and fragrance.


Meditate and make sure you follow a light exercise routine every morning to maintain the influx of positive energy within you.

Substance Abuse

Lastly, avoid stress and refrain from any harmful kind of substance abuse. Nicotine, hard drinks, and excessive caffeine is a big no as this can lower your little one’s immunity levels and even lead to foetal diseases.

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