10 Fitness Apps You Need To Have

Do more with your phone than just being a couch potato with these applications designed for a fitter you...

My Fitness Pal:

Specially designed for people looking to lose weight, it helps you set targets and tracks your nutrition intake. You can record your daily diet and focus on eating right with this app.

7 Minute Workout:

While getting in shape isn’t an easy task, this app lets you achieve your goal with tiny steps. It features personalised workouts for 7 minutes that you can squeeze in your routine easily.

Map My Fitness:

Track your physical activities easily with this app. The GPS connectivity records your cardio and running with a log of the number of calories burnt.


One of the most popular applications in the fitness segment, FitBit is connected to a wristband. It tracks your physical activity all day and records it on an app.

Nike + Training Club:

More than just a running tracker, this app gives you a personalised workout. It comes with many how-to videos helping you push the envelope towards a healthier version of yourself.


Choose from a variety of ready work out plans or customize one according to your needs, this app makes workouts easy.

Zombie, Run:

Probably the most interesting fitness apps on the list, it is a story-based workout plan involving capturing zombies. Not only does this make fitness fun but also pushes you further.


Easy and simple to use, this app lets you choose your workout and tracks it with GPS, calculating the number of calories burnt and records your improvement.

Fitstar Yoga:

Your own personal yoga instructor, this app lets you design your workout according to your lifestyle. Each asana comes with an HD video to help you master the posture.


Specially designed for a good night’s sleep, this is a must have on your phone. It comes with various ambient sounds to improve your REM cycles.

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