Importance of Employee Wellness Programs

With almost 40 hours being spent at work each week, little to no attention is given to individual health...

With almost 40 hours being spent at work each week, little to no attention is given to individual health. Corporations have realised the consequences of poor health management over the years. Productivity is affected and often a company must let go of valuable employees because of health issues. Taking this into consideration, a lot of firms have tried to incorporate various wellness programs like yoga sessions, motivational lectures, and meditation retreats to boost the health of its employees.

How does a wellness program affect the workplace directly you may ask?

  • The overall health of an employee makes an impact on the progress of the company. With regular exercise, the physical and mental well-being can be maintained which helps individuals perform their tasks with optimum energy.
  • A positive outlook can be developed through various programs that increase focus and help employees de-stress. This will increase the productivity of the employees and the company overall.
  • Meditation and yoga can help prevent chronic diseases like hypertension and depression, as well as keep daily ailments at bay. This can, in turn, reduce the number of leaves taken by an employee.
  • Many healthcare costs can be curbed with just regular emphasis of wellness programs. Also, the environment of work feels lighter with all its employees in their optimum health.
  • Breaking from the monotone of work and doing something different also helps the creative juices to flow. Some activities also help the team to bond, creating a positive work environment while instilling a sense of healthy competition among them.
  • When employees are made a priority, it creates a sense of belongingness which pushes them to deliver their best. The increased job satisfaction leads to better productivity.

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