Prep Your Room For A Good Night''s Sleep

Not getting enough sleep? Your bedroom might be to blame with some...

Not getting enough sleep? Your bedroom might be to blame with some of your old habits. Here’s our list of things that can put your body to a relaxing sleep in no time.

Get the right bedding

Silky, cotton sheets with a soothing colour are the way to go. They provide a comforting base to throw your exhausted body on to after a hard day’s work. Supplement that comfortable feeling with an ergonomic pillow for the back of your head and a nice, warm blanket.

Lower the temperature

Lowering the temperature of the room will give a signal to your body that it’s time to doze off. So, turn up that AC and watch your eyelids close.

Buy a new mattress

A huge factor for a good night’s sleep, is your mattress. If you wake up often feeling tired or having body ache, your mattress might be to blame. Try changing it and go for the one that you think is the most comfortable. Don’t come under the influence of fancy features or listen to marketing spiel to arrive on a conclusion. Ask the shop for a trial period and if they don’t have that facility, go to another one. But make sure that you try the mattress for at least a week. This will reveal its true nature, helping you in making a sound decision.

Embrace the dark

Yes, not for the faint-hearted or those who fear the dark though. Bright lights – or even small lights for that matter – have been found to prevent the brain from producing melatonin, a hormone that makes you fall asleep. Too much light acts as a stimulator for the brain and in that situation, it becomes even harder to relax. The solution to this is to drape the curtains and dim all lights, a trick that will tell your brain it’s night time.

Cancel out the noise

Noise is not good for sleep. Make sure that you turn off devices that emit harsh or sharp sounds before hitting the sack. Even after that if there is some disturbance, consider buying a sound conditioner, also known as white noise machine. This device helps drastically in regulating the noise level of an environment by emitting a soothing, consistent soundtrack that is bound to put you to sleep.

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